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"The Beast Named Eliza" is a short game about a girl who is lost in a forest. She needs to find out what happened to her and why people are acting strange.

"The Beast Named Eliza" was originally an entry for #myfirstgamejame winter 2017. Yobob and I created a demo/alpha version of the game within these two weeks. We decided to finish the game and put another months into this project. Now it's ready for it's final release! We hope you'll enjoy the full story.

Demo Release:
January 21st, 2017
Full Game Release: February 28th, 2017
Playtime: approx. 30 minutes
Genre: Exploration, Horror, RPG, Fairy Tale, Drama

Story and Writing: Yobob
Art: Plueschkatze
Music: Yobob
Logo/UI: Plueschkatze
Lead Programmer: Yobob
Assistant Programmer: Plueschkatze
Voice Acting: Plueschkatze

Additional thanks for their resources to:
RPG Maker MV, Yanfly, Galv, Moghunter, Orange/Hudell, Whtdragon, freesound.org
Fonts: Seaweed Script, Clear Sans Light, Morris Initialen, Vinque

Please also pay Yobob a visit.
You can buy the Soundtrack/Sheet Music or visit his soundcloud.

We hope you enjoy this game!
Feel free to leave us feedback either in the comments below or via twitter.
Also if you encounter any bugs, please report these. Thank you!
- Plueschkatze
- Yobob

Updates and Bugs:

2017/30/03 - Update to V1.02 - Fixed some more grammar issues.
2017/03/02 - Update to V1.01 - Fixed some grammar issues.

And a huge thank you for checking out our game!

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Anime, artgame, Dark, drama, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Horror, RPG Maker, Singleplayer


Eliza_V1.02.zip 235 MB

Install instructions

Simply download the .ZIP and extract it. Copy the .exe AND the www folder next to each other into a new folder. If you don't copy the www folder you'll be unable to save, since it contains the save location.


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Looks like an adaption of a some sort of fairytale. I'm not big into folklore, but the game  has a very pleasing graphics.

Needs an option to shout "ORE WA NINGEN WO YAMERO ZO!" and smash the bottle with a rock.


This game is amazing, but the ending was absolutely terrible. I feel like this game definitely needs to be improved upon in some way.


The game was reaaly beautiful but it felt like demo :/  It would be be awesome if it was longer and have  different endings :)

Hi! I would like to ask permission to translate your game into portuguese. Would you authorize me? 



Hello Moon-XP, we usually don't allow translations, as it is not possible for us to check the quality of those translations. I hope you can understand this. Thank you.

Yes, I understand! Thank you so much for the availability and success to you.


A Beast Named Eliza dumps you into the shoes of a girl lost in the woods. The setting is very atmospheric, and the story unfolds gradually but powerfully. The gameplay (chase scenes, running away) is tricky to get used to but works well after only a few tries. The only place I got stuck was when Eliza returns to her home and has to find all her memories. The story is small but potent about a cruel witch, and the game feels like a modern fairy tale all its own. Enjoyed it from start to finish!


WHY DOES EVERY SHORT GAME I SEE THAT'S AN RPG MAKER TAKE SO MUCH STORAGE AND HAVE NO RTP VERSION- Oh! *Ahem* I liked it very much the ending is too rushed though.. I suggest making it have different endings, and for the rushed ending, I understand you had to do that since you have a deadline in game jams.. But since the game jam is over, I suggest making some more endings and exploration options.

Hey, thank you for playing the game! Me and Plue are working separately on new games, so unfortunately, this game won't be able to expand. But do follow us both on twitter. We always have new games in development ! (If you managed to get the Easter eggs, the squirrel, at the chase scene, and the pink cat, at the end of the game, it tells us about how we felt as a game developer)


I don´t like its ending, it's very rushed, and I would have liked it to explore more options (Like other endings), or have more relationships with other characters...
For the rest, the game is perfect, well written, an amazing art, a story that catches you, and a beautiful music...
That's why it's so hard for me that it hadve to be so short, and that it has such a plain ending...

This looks cool! 😎 Very nice. I love the art and visual style. The music is wonderful as well. I can see you used MV RTP, but you used it very well. 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you! :)

You're welcome!

Nice job dear dev :)

Very nicely done, great art and visual style and an ace soundtrack. Neat job!


Thank you very much!

Hi. My name is Mel. I was wondering if you could give me permission to translate your game into Spanish. If you do not mind, of course

PD; Great game! I love it ^^

Hello Mel!
Thank you for your kind words.

We decided not to permit translations for this game, since we would be unable to check the quality of these.  Sorry!

Oh, don't worry. It's okay! :D

This game was incredible. The maps were really comfortably made, nothing ever felt out of place. The writing is adorable and I love the story. I can't wait to see more from you!

Here's my playlist (three parts) of the series. Again I say, thank you for making this!

I really enjoyed the game:)

Thank you for playing :)

Can I translate into Chinese ?

I'm sorry for the late reply. And for the translation it's a no. But thanks for the offer! And thanks for understanding.

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Loved it! Had issues getting the save file to work (didn't auto generate) but otherwise this was great! Loved the visuals and the audio, you managed to make me jump at least once!


Thank you for playing! I'm terrible sorry that you had that problem with loading the game. I haven't heard of someone having that issue before! D: I just knew about a general save bug which disabled saving (which can be fixed by talking to the savepoint again).

But I'm happy that you had fun anyway! Enjoyed that Let's Play.

it was lovely! short but tender sweet. the art was pretty, and the size was a surprise! i do hope Eliza's sprite will have more expressions in the full version :3

Hey there, The Beat named Eliza looks really nice! When the full version with the extra minutes are added, I'll perform a let's play of it if you don't mind? ^o^

Sure! Feel free to do a let's play once we updated to the full version, I'm looking forward to check it out :)

See the full download is up, congrats on completing your game! :D

Thank you very much! :)

I thoroughly enjoyed playing the full version of the game, more thoughts in the video! ^o^

Thank you so much for your playtrough and let's play, both of us really enjoyed watching this :) You've a really nice voice. And I liked the voice acting a lot!
Also thank you for mentioning the errors and grammar mistakes! I've written them down, so we can fix them with an future update!

Seems like you also suffer from the itching-nose-while-recording-syndrom? Haha. I know many let's player having that! That made me laugh :)

And don't worry to much about not being able to say my name since it's German~ in english it would be plushcat. ;)


I had so much fun with this game, I support 100% and wanna see it complete, SO DOPE how it kicks up and that hit at the end! which I wont spoil obviously and the game I was thinking of it resembled, MAD father, I loved that game too, but this one is amazing <3 thank you guys for the experience!

Thank you for playing and your kind words! :) Nice letsplay!

np I had a blast! :D thank you so much again for giving me that oppurtunity to play this game!

I love your reaction to the ending. And you perfectly explained the beginning of the story. Look forward to the release.

Neat-o game! Reminded me of the Witch's House. A lot of save points near each other so I guess I can really feel safe when dying. Great job Dev. :D <3

Thank you for your playthrough! :) It was really entertaining.

This is a pretty cool and nice looking little RPG game. The styling and art is nice, the music is atmospheric and cool, and the story is rather intriguing. I rather enjoyed this little demo. I like the whole "Little Red Riding Hood" (at least in my opinion) theme that this game has. The story follows a young girl named Eliza who suddenly wakens in the forest. I kind of saw the ending coming, but rather liked how it ended. I really hope to see more from this game because I feel there's a lot of ways the developers could continue the story. I did a video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested.

Thank you for the kind words, I really enjoyed your playthrough! :)
You've got a really nice way on presenting games. Keep up the good work!

And I apologize for the problem with saving, that's a bug that we thought we would have fixed by now but appearently it still pops up every now and then.

Hello there!

I absolutely love the parallax maps that you made for this game, and the character is adorable! I'm pretty impressed with all your visuals, actually.

However, I don't know if there's a bug that I found, or I just did something wrong: In the part where you run away from the villagers and into a tiny house, I find the key, but I can't use it on any of the doors, and I can't go outside either. I tried finding the menu button to access the items, but it doesn't look like you have one?

Hi kindaw! Thank you for your kind words.
There's no menu. So you don't need to use the key that way.

The key is to be used on the window, which is locked. You just have to collect the key and the window will trigger an event that let's you leave the house.

Oh I see! Sorry about that then haha. Well thank you for such a quick reply!

No need to be sorry! You're welcome! :)