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Enhance your RPG Maker MV projects with these animations, created/optimized for use with Yanfly's amazings grid-free-doodads plugin!
(Plugins not included, please get them from yanfly's page, they're free and amazing! You'll need both, the grid-free doodad plugin and it's extension.)

This pack contains:

  • 8 x leaf animations  (each in two colors, green and pink)
  • 3 x single candle flames
  • 1 x triple candle flame
  • 1 x falling dust particles (4 versions)
  • 2 x water drop animation
  • 1 x window light animation
  • 1x smoke/steam animation 
  • 4x fireflies (each in 2 versions, smooth and pixel)
  • 2x candle light shine (different versions each) 

It's a total of 43 files.

So what do they look like?
Here we go!

>> fireflies and falling leaves:

>> window light and dust particles:

>>  candle flames, candle lights and dust:

>> smoke (which can also be used as steam with a different blend mode):

>> water drops:

Disclaimer: This pack of cause only includes the animations, not the tiles (incl. animated water), which are RPGMMV's standard tiles.

Commercial use?
After purchase you can use these for both non-commercial and commercial projects.

This can also be purchased and used with other engines, but be aware that it's optimized for RPGMMV and it's 48px grid, but as these are normal stripe sheets, other engines should be able to handle them aswell.

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GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Animation, maker, mv, mz, RPG Maker, Tileset


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Plue_AnimatedDoodadsPack.zip 892 kB


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I have the visustella doodads plugin... will it work? I ask this because the plugin is sold on the yanfly website too.

I don't own the MZ version, so I can't test it, but I did a quick check on the wiki and the name formatting of the image files is the same as with the MV version, so it should be fine!

if I only have grid-free doodads plugin but don't have its extension

will your asset still work?

If I remember correctly (please double check with yanflys site) you'd need the extension for the animations to work, as the basic plugin does not support animations, only stills.

Do you have a discord or facebook messenger? I need some helps about your artworks, i really like yours!

I love these so much! You did an incredible job!

thank you very much, I'm glad you like them.

This is some amazing work. Everything about this pack is really useful, and I plan on using most of it in my current project. Hope to see more packs like this. I'd gladly purchase more if you made them :-) GREAT JOB ON THIS! I especially love the fireflies.

AWESOME work.... 

can you make bubbles for various dungeons? like... water... lava... maybe even poisonous something like that? 

That's an interesting idea! I thought about doing a second pack but I'm not sure what else to put into it yet, but I'll note bubbles down.

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Deleted 2 years ago


Thank you!